About Us

As two recent college graduates and best buds, we have found ourselves searching for something that we can look forward to everyday after an 8am-5pm job behind a desk. As roomies and friends for over four years, our common love of cooking and food, God, San Diego beaches and each other has allowed us to push through our current state in life which seems to have come to a bit of a standstill (for now).

Each day we come home to our Little Yellow Kitchen – yes, everything from the counters to the walls to the linoleum floor, is yellow and we have learned to love it – in our little retro apartment and cook a delicious meal, always ensuring leftovers for lunch at work the next day.

This blog will enable us to recreate basic recipes, altering and mixing ingredients to satisfy our passion for adding a little zest to everything we do. As we embark on this adventure, we hope to keep a virtual recipe book and public diary of our lives, while encouraging you to live deliciously on a budget and embrace the lulls in life!

Little Yellow Note: We love hearing from our readers! Please leave us some love in the comment section of our posots! We love to hear about any additions, subtractions or changes to our recipes. After all, we do believe everyone should add a little zest of their own.


16 Comments to “About Us”

  1. I love what you are doing. Go girls. I was afraid that cooking was fast becoming a lost art to to next generation.

  2. Nice job but “Where’s the Beef!”

  3. Hi girls! This is a very pretty blog (I love the wordpress theme… :P). I totally agree with your philosophy and I’m curious to follow your creations! (Of course, I’ve just subscribed… :))

  4. Congrats on starting your website!! Very happy for you ladies. I’m in San Diego too!! Please keep in touch.

  5. and you are very beautiful 🙂 I should not look into your blog. I am starving now!!

  6. You gals are so pretty, even as Oompaloompas!

  7. Yay!! Very nice blog.

  8. Hi…

    You Diva Delicious Culinary Vixens,

    I read your recipes [even sent you gal’s an email] . You really know how to make a person salivate. The “zest” practically jumps off the page onto your palate. Have you considered a retaurant or qaint little bistro on the beach, somewhere? Anywhere? Your talent and passion for food is your “pearl in that oyster”. 🙂


    Warm regards,


    P. S. Drop in an visit with me @ http://www.cherubfurberre.wordpress.com. It would be my pleasure. Also, since you are so “zesty”…Click on SassC’s Salacious and Sultry Totty….brew it up and tell me what you think. If you aren’t drinkers…you might delete the Southern Comfort and kick up the pungency of the ginger root and lemons. 🙂

  9. Am subscribing eight now. Am in southern Spain, but always looking for inspiration from around the world. I am still best buddies with my friend from school days 35 years on. And we too had a “Little Yellow Kitchen” of our own, so this brings back happy memories. Keep cooking chicas! Tanya (chicaandaluza)

    • Awww! That is so sweet! It’s amazing how cooking brings people together. I am sure this is the start of something great. Thanks for taking the time to write us 🙂 we look forward to sharing more recipes and stories with you!

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