Cutting Onions

Cutting onions is one of those cooking tasks we both dread.  I’ve heard so many myths on how to rid yourself of that burning sensation in your eyeballs when you cut them, but none of them really seem to work as well as this:

Sticking my head in the freezer, running outside, lighting a candle, chewing a piece of bread, and many more. They all are all aimed at making you look like a wierdo, so we added wearing goggles to the list. It seems to be the most effective.

How do you avoid crying while you cut onions???

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day!! Thank you for always making us feel loved 🙂

From the Little Yellow Kitchen,


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13 Comments to “Cutting Onions”

  1. Yep the goggles are a nice a touch.. Maybe a dive mask even better!

  2. I always run the onion under cold water…don’t know where I heard that but it seems to help. Although those goggles look pretty damn cool…

  3. omg, I love this photo of you! 🙂

  4. Light a match, then blow it out, and then hold it in your front teeth. The sulfur kills the burn. You might have to light a few matches. Better yet, have an assistant keep lighting and blowing the out, and sticking them in your mouth for you.

  5. This is funny! Well maybe a bit Fatal Attraction-esque? But you guys are too cute, so it’s OK!

  6. Ha! Love it!!

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