Julian: A Culinary Outing

I had no idea San Diego contained such a range of natural environments until I went to Julian last weekend. It’s gorgeous. In my 4.5 years here, I have only known the beach and boy oh boy have I been missing out. Or maybe I’ve intentionally avoided it because I don’t deal well with extreme cold (or extreme hot for that matter).

Julian is a small mountain town with quite a few little trinket shops and café’s that sell the infamous Julian pies.  You can stroll from end to end of this town in probably 20 minutes if you really wanted to. After browsing the shops I decided to buy my new favorite decoration, a vintage bird cage to hang on that strange hook protruding from the ceiling in my room:

Now I just have to find a submissive bird that doesn’t poop or squawk and is willing to sit inside it 24/7 looking cute. Those little singing birdies in Cinderella would be perfect…


We stopped in at the Julian Cider Mill for the best apple cider I’ve ever had, ever. It was the perfect amount of sweetness topped with a dash of cinnamon and it warmed me up from the inside out. Love at first sip.

Chris bought a caramel apple from the Julian Cider Mill that we all partook in, which was a good thing or he may have ended up in a food coma…again. I decided I don’t like caramel very much. The stuck-in-my-teeth-for-a- day feeling just isn’t worth it to me. I did help out with the apple a bit though 🙂

Then there was pie…Apple Berry Mountain Crisp pie from the Julian Pie Company. Every café had a line out the door, except this one (normally I would find this weird and move onto the next place but we really wanted pie). We ordered one slice each a whole pie and no more than 10 seconds after we ordered, the line was out the door! Lucky us, we beat the swarm of crazy pie people.

This picture doesn’t do it justice. Who has time to plate things and make them look pretty and then adjust settings on the camera when there is Apple Berry Mountain Crisp pie to be devoured?  Not I.

As we mozy’d on back towards the highway to explore a little we found snow!! We snuck past a useless no trespassing sign on an unlocked gate and stumbled upon an abandoned military village – estimated by Chris to be from the 1940’s – that the government is about to demo. Probably for the best because it was quite creepy and apparently full of asbestos.

It had been far too long since I had made a snowman. It really gets the creative juices flowing. Just check out Frosty Frank – I may or may not have just named him that.

Then I threw the boy in jail for eating too much pie. The End.

Kidding…I will definitely be visiting this gorgeous area of San Diego again (perhaps when it warms up a bit). Next time we’re bring our sleeping bags and a tent!

P.S. San Francisco is amaaazing. We may never come back! Dun dun duuuuun…

From the Little Yellow Kitchen San Francisco,



6 Comments to “Julian: A Culinary Outing”

  1. Love San Diego….the place where you can surf in the morning, motorcycle to the snow in Julian for lunch aka pie, And catch a concert in the evening….what fun that was.

  2. Boy does this post bring back memories! I grew up just down the hill from Julian, in Ramona (you know, that little town on the way to Julian)…our last visit to San Diego (about a year ago) included a much needed stop in Julian where I was happy to visit every gem captured here! Thank you for your post.

  3. I know how good those pies can be, I’m sure you thought to bring back some for friends. What are those scrappy things coming out of frank? Love the Cinderella bird cage. It’s a prefect accompaniment to the little yellow kitchen’s home.

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