Our first Ingredient Challenge!

We are excited to announce our participation in a little friendly challenge among new food blogger friends of ours: Ingredient Challenge Monday. Each week an ingredient is decided on and everyone uses it to create a new recipe, then we all post about it on Monday’s (Tuesday this week because of the holiday). What a good idear! Our foodie friends participating each have wonderful blogs and I highly recommend you check them out for some fun recipes:

This is almost like Iron Chef, only the ingredient isn’t a secret. And we have much more than an hour to create a meal. Oh, and we only need one recipe, not 5. So maybe it’s not like Iron Chef at all then…hmm.

Onward! This week’s ingredient is quinoa. These little morsels are so tasty and so healthy, plus they can be paired with so much. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. We will be using red quinoa to put a tiny twist on things and make the color of the meal more appealing. Stay tuned for 5 fabulous quinoa recipes!

Now, off to San Francisco for the long weekend 🙂

From the Little Yellow Kitchen,



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