It felt like Christmas all over again

This weekend brought us much joy! We have been collecting stickers from Albertson’s as part of their promotional giveaway. Once you reach a certain number of stickers (1 p/every $10 spent) you win new cookware for $0.01. My co-workers did a much better job than we did at actually shopping at Albertson’s to collect the stickers. Due to our TJ (Trader Joe’s) and Henry’s Farmers Market obsessions we fail visit the big grocery store’s very often.

A few times a week I would come into work to find a string of stickers on my desk…yipee! After month’s of collecting here is what we traded for:

9.4″ Non-stick Saute Pan

Thanks Linda and Yoli!

I also got a call from my grandpa the other day and he had been collecting stickers too! He asked which pot or pan I wanted and then 3 days later I got a package in the mail:


7.8″ Casserole With Lid

Thanks Mima and Papa!

THEN I drug the boy and the roomie to Great News because I have Visa gift card from Christmas that is burning a large hole in my pocket and I would hate for it to fall out.

For many moons I have envied my mother’s immersion blender. I’ve come up with many ways to steal it from her and make it another motherly  “hand-me-down” but I could never bring myself to take one of her favorite tools.

So, I finally bought my own:

Yay! I love new toys. 🙂

From the Little Yellow Kitchen,



4 Comments to “It felt like Christmas all over again”

  1. I used my Albertson’s pan once, then tossed it. It was a piece of junk. I use Scanpans, they are expensive, but well worth it. I burned one up the other day, and Good News replaced it with a new one, no hassles.

  2. I want one too! Maybe I’ll make this an addition to my kitchen tools.

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