LYK’s 1 Month Anniversary

Today is our anniversary…not mine and Chrissy’s (duh). The one month anniversary of From the Little Yellow Kitchen! What does this mean, you ask?

  1. We can apply to be Foodbuzz featured publishers! Not sure what this means quite yet but it sounds cool… and everyone’s doing it 🙂
  2. We must be enjoying this work, cook, blog, repeat thing we have going on since we’re still truckin’.
  3. Our friends and family must love us and/or our food because after 1 month we still have plenty of daily blog views (up over 1,000 in total now, thanks!)

Now, as a special celebration here’s a sneak peek into our weekend menu! Some of these recipes have been collected from various blogs we’ve become addicted to. We’ll be adjusting them just a tad to add our own zest (or maybe just compensate for what we already have on hand…oops).

Almond Butter Chews – the perfect 2p.m. office snack for a pick-me-up

Brown Sugar Bacon Waffles! [OMG]

Black Bean & Sweet Potato soup w/ Whole Wheat Corn Bread (in my new cast iron skillet!)

Clementine Avocado Smoothie – Yup, avocado.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Brownies

Skillet LasagnaLittle Yellow Note: This may not get posted immediately. It could be a challenging endeavor requiring multiple attempts at success and obtaining a usable photo of it.

Anyone wanna come stay at our place this weekend?? I have a feeling were going to have LOTS of leftovers 😉

I lied, you can’t stay. Unless you want to sleep in the Little Yellow Kitchen sink. This tiny apartment can’t handle another human body residing in it.

A trip to Julian, CA is also in the works. Stay tuned for this exciting culinary outing!
If those waffles don’t work out we may end up here:

Don’t judge, the breakfast burritos are to die for.

From the Little Yellow Kitchen,



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