Enoteca Adriano

Since I’ve been sick the last week and a half and Chrissy’s month long gym pass to the best gym ever expired (really Chrissy…a spa, a steam room AND a free massage?!) via a www.Groupon.com purchase, we had been feeling like slugs for the last few days. We decided that despite the 47 degree weather that exists this close to the beach in winter, it was time to break out the bicycles and cruise down the street to the CUTEST wine bar north of Little Italy.

So, we strapped a wine bottle to Chrissy’s back (free corkage Wednesday is our new favorite thing), bundled up and headed over to Enoteca Adriano, which was decorated nicely with Christmas lights. The scream-o music that was playing as we strolled up was a little unsettling but the waitress assured us that it was supposed to be Christmas music, the rest of the night the music was far more pleasant.

We love our bikes.

After we found a seat the waitress popped open our bottle of Chianti for us and brought over a delicious mozzarella panini with an herbed balsamic and oil dip as the starter. We were tempted to ask for a refill but politely refrained, also sparing ourselves quite a few calories.

Free Panini!

After much deliberation between splitting either the Gnocchi di Casa with pesto and Gorgonzola cream sauce or the nights special, Puttanesca, we went with the the latter. The perfectly spicy red sauce on penne speckled with capers, kalamata and green olives, pancetta and shavings of fresh parmesan was delicious! This just might be one we have to recreate, stay tuned. Needless to say we made the right meal choice (not that there would have been a wrong one though) and still had left overs for lunch the next day. Gotta love those hearty Italian dishes!

From the Little Yellow Kitchen,


Puttanesca & Parmesan

Puttanesca & some tasty Chianti


5 Responses to “Enoteca Adriano”

  1. I want the recipe as soon as you re-create these wonderful looking dishes. Makes me want to go back to San Diego. Franklin is really lacking in wonderful unique restaurants. Our New Year’s resolution is to try a new restaurant weekly.

  2. awwwwww this little Italian night date via bike-with-bottleredwine-strapped-to-back idea sounds like sooooo amazing!

    Can I pleaaaaase be included in something like this the next time it happens assuming i’m back from Deutschland by then!? thanks and great food description Laur!

  3. sounds like a great restaurant!


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