Bringin’ it back…Christmas style

What’s better than building a genuine gingerbread house while listening to the Transiberian Orchestra (holiday edition) station on Pandora, to get you in the mood for the Christmas season?! Nothing! It was so much fun, especially the part when I “accidentally” tossed about 200 sprinkles into the air, in a failed attempt to add some color. Needless to say, we made quite a mess but it really brought me back to my younger years. My six cousins, my brother, and I used spend a weekend at grandma and grandpa’s building gingerbread houses at this time of year, now THAT was a mess. This year, I was inspired to kick off the season by a sudden urge to buy Christmas decorations for our little home on my lunch break. Believe it or not, Rite-Aid had some awesome décor for half-off. With the lights, snowman, Santa Clause and wreath in place we set out to construct a gingerbread house.


Chris and Lauren

Confession of Christmaholics: We cheated and bought a neat little kit at Trader Joe’s – FYI, we usually refer to it as TJs, not to be confused with the town an hour south of us, Tijuana. Turns out, their gingerbread doesn’t taste that great but once it’s looking pretty, who wants to eat it anyways? After getting the best tricep workout of my life whipping the egg whites (not having a KitchenAid really forces you to break a sweat), we added the powder sugar the kit provided and a few drops of lemon juice to help with the stick factor. The kit came with little snow people and a tiny dog—adorable. The included candy décor was very limited so we added our usual zest and improvised with some chocolate chips we had on hand. Not the prettiest little house I’ve ever seen but it definitely got the Christmas spirit running through my veins! Next time, we’ll bake our own gingerbread…

Our little Christmas home

From the Little Yellow Kitchen,



6 Comments to “Bringin’ it back…Christmas style”

  1. love the icicles! confession…I cheated and used the same kit, and my two little girls loved it just as much as if it had been homemade! 😉

  2. Did Lauren count the 200 aforementioned “tossed sprinkles” or how did she estimate this number?

    cute, simple house design… I would expect the engineer in Chris to be a little more creative so this must be an LC design.

  3. Next year use the house forms we have to bake, build, and construct your g’bread 2011 palace. You and Chris sure had fun!! And, you’re right–who eats the g’bread? It’s all the goodies that disappear.

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